Big Shop Friday

Visual Arts

Sophie Atkins is a textile artist and illustrator and associate artist at MK Gallery. She uses line and shape to explore human interaction with the built environment. Sophie has exhibited in galleries in the south of England and Sweden and has made artwork for various newspapers, businesses and musicians.

Ciara Callaghan is an embroidery and textile artist based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes.

James Carey, also known as O.Two, creates work based on abstractions of the written type-form. Working initially with spray-paint on large scale murals, he has built a working process that when applied to canvas, lures the viewer into mists of dark, ambient colour illuminated by bold, abstract gestures.

Phil Carney makes analog collages using found images influenced by cinema. Phil’s work uses narrative to show the relationship between people and space, the loss, the desire and the pain of memory.

Richard Harrison is an artist from Milton Keynes who works across multiple disciplines including painting, sculpture and digital.

Venisha Francis-Hinkson artist and curator in Milton Keynes. Venisha explores obsolete technology such as videotape, audio cassette tape and super 8 films; as material and as film.