Big Shop Friday


Christy Thynne is an expert drummer, overthinker and hopeless romantic.

Hannah Louise Boult “I like true crime podcasts and Cher.”

Auriol Butcher is a freelance designer from Milton Keynes (now based in Manchester) specialising in surface design. Auriol’s designs start off with hand drawn imagery and textures which are then layered and manipulated digitally.

Jonny Clapham is the creator of a popular cartoon.

Thomas Cuthbertson is an artist living and working in Milton Keynes, making illustrated collage works and stop-frame animations based on recorded or imagined experiences.

Tom Guilmard is an illustrator/designer working in Milton Keynes.

Wai Wai Pang is an illustrator based in Milton Keynes, “I want to show you nice things.”

Dionne Kitching is a freelance Illustrator from Milton Keynes.

Joe O’Donnell is an illustrator from Milton Keynes who currently resides in Manchester.

Fabio Paolucci produces colourful work of politics and popular culture. Painter & illustrator currently residing in Milton Keynes.