Big Shop Friday

Film & Photography

Chris Henley’s photography explores and documents honest lives, moments and environments through careful composition and a simple aesthetic.

Elizabeth Beston is a photographic artist working primarily with self-portraiture and alternative techniques.

Nicky Kenny lives and works in Milton Keynes taking pictures of most things, especially her six cats. She loves reflections and shadows and documenting change, so often takes repeated images of the same things, that have meaning in some wayto her.

Jo Trotter is an artist predominately working in analogue photography and developing. Jo is an ex-director of Big Shop Friday and now based in Derby.

Frazer Waller is a travel photographer with 20-years of experience working on location, with marketing teams, creative agencies, publishing companies and media as well as on my own.

Sagar Kharecha is a British Asian photographer, focused on hyperlocal documentary storytelling with a fascination for community, spirituality, socio-political movements and his hometown of Milton Keynes. Shooting primarily on 35mm film, Sagar also workds as a member of New Exit Group collective. @newexitgroup